Few Good Ideas for Ab Workouts

There are many opinions about ab workouts -which ones are best, how often to do them, whether it’s better to use a machine or old fashioned exercises, etc. It doesn’t matter which approach you think is best, what matters is that you work your whole body. This will actually help your abdominal area as well, because you’ll be burning calories and toning all your muscle groups. The following exercises are workouts that are recommended by the fitness experts.


Jumping rope works well for your whole body but is especially effective for your abs. A lot of people consider rope jumping as a kids’ activity but it is also done often by training boxers. Boxing is a sport that requires competitors to have great endurance levels and to meet certain weight requirements and jumping rope can help with both of those things. If you try it out, you’ll be surprised by how tiring it is and how sore it can make your muscles.

This isn’t a reason to quit, but it’s evidence that it’s doing some serious work on your whole body, and if you stick with it, it’s also a great ab workout. If you want to find a super effective abdominal workout, you need to check out the Captain’s Chair exercise.


This will require you to use a piece of equipment that you can find in most gyms or that you can buy for your home. You hold onto the handles, and keep your back straight against the back support, and bring up your knees towards your chest, keeping them bent.

Even though there are plenty of variations that involve raising up your knees at different angles, you should begin with just the basic lift. Experts in fitness agree that, if you want to get fit, this is perhaps the best exercise you can do.

You probably think that the best exercises to do to tone your abs and burn fat in your ab region are regionally specific exercises, but working your cardio system is at least as important. There are lots of great cardio workouts you can do like jogging, speed walking and using machines like exercise bikes, elliptical machines and treadmills.

If you do just thirty minutes of cardiovascular activity every day, along with other exercises that target your ab muscles, you will see a major difference in your body’s fitness and it will make it easier for you to show off your ab muscles since you will be losing fat from your mid-section.

The ab exercises we’ve talked about here are just a few of the choices that you have available to you. It can be good to change your workout routine every so often, both to work different muscle groups and to keep your workouts interesting. It’s easy to get bored when you do the exact same workout every day and every week. What is important is to consistently do at least some kind of good exercise at least a couple of times each week.