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Welcome to Drive Athletics

Strength Training Specialists

Drive Athletics is focused on developing the athletic attributes of strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance, for sport, play, and survival. Combined with our nutritional guidance, we will take those who are driven beyond the conventional levels of success.

We take a no nonsense approach to your training. Your time is valuable, we respect that. That is why we only use proven and effective methods. No fluff, no trends, no flashy gimmicks, and no bandwagon-hopping that you might see seeping into the fitness community.

Our programs require intensity, but produce results - not only the physical results such as the increase in athletic abilities and lean muscle mass, but ones that change your whole day to day perspective. You will notice a new found confidence; a sense of accomplishment, and the knowledge that your time is being used effectively. Even if you don’t notice, everyone around you will. This will impact your performance on the field, in the ring, or in the urban jungle of Toronto.



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